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Jason is an Artist, Writer and Filmmaker from Cranston, RI.  Jason has worked behind the scenes on numerous feature film and television projects throughout New England, including Body of Proof, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,THE TOWN  and BLACK MASS among many others.

In 2008 Jason wrote and illustrated the graphic novel called Tales of Rocky Point Park,based on the mysterious history and bizzare urban legends revolving around Rhode Island's former amusement park, Rocky Point. In 2011 he produced and Dicercted a three episode documentary series for Rhode Island PBS entitled Haunted RI.

Jason continues to work on major studio projects while pursuing his own storytelling career in the form of comic books and film.


Jacob grew up near Rocky Point in Warwick, RI and graduated from Rhode Island College in 2007.  His favorite memory is going to the park almost every weekend in the summer time.  His favorite rides were the Skyliner and the Flume.  After the park closed, Jacob began to explore the abandoned park and became fascinated with the park’s history.  In 2011, he co-curated a Rocky Point museum show, which featured pieces from his personal collection of signs and artifacts.  From that point on, he and Jason began production on the film.  Jacob hopes that someday the curse is lifted from Rocky Point Park.


Rob Yeremian had started selling comics at comic conventions throughout New England from 1987 until 1993 when he opened up his first store in Warwick called Time Capsule Comics. Rob sold the store in 1998 to move to California. After spending sometime there, he returned to Rhode Island and was planning on opening another store but the Internet was really starting to have a huge impact on the buying and selling of collectibles, particularly this little start up site called EBay.

After a few years of only selling on-line, Rob decided he missed having a retail store for people to come shop at so he re-opened in November of 2003.

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