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Install Date: Early 1970's

Last Ride: 1996

Auction Price - $450,000


The Flume ride was one of the most popular rides at Rocky Point. The Ride itself was a 160 ft long water logged voyage that featured a splashdown finale by dropping riders from 60 ft in the air. Purchased from Japan for a reported one million dollars, the ride was installed in the early 1970's. At the time it was proposed to be the first in a new line of park attractions, advertised for the Summer as " The New Rocky Point."


Many mysterious legends surround the ride... 

A newspaper campaign counted down the days till the Flume’s grand opening but on the opening day, park patrons were offered a rain check. An error in the ride delayed the grand opening until a week later. The Flume would open up on the following weekend and quickly became a popular staple at the Park, especially on hot Summer days.


Several rumors of Cursed accidents occurred over the years, and legend says that these accidents occured on Log in particular - Flume Log 13.


The Flume ride was supposedly sold to the Phillipines at the 1996 Auction for $450,000.  The Flume’s old body of water sat for years after as the abandoned park deteriorated.

Reported Accidents -


June 2 1987 - Man Stands up on the Flume - Accident


Sept 1975 – 16 Injured after wooden railing collapsed.

 Photo Credits: Peter Pelland

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