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Install Date: 1963

Last Ride: 1997

Auction Price - $1000


*Cars Still Exist


Installed in the Park in the early 60's, the Castle of Terror was constructed by Park carpenters, while the Castle's props inside were installed by Dark Ride Engineer Bill Tracy. Original Props included the Giant Bat, The Torture Chamber and the Saw Mill Stunt. The ride's most infamous prop was the mysterious Viking Statue, which many former employees and Park Patrons continue to tell stories of.

Originaly located inside the structure at the end of a long corridor, the Viking would be moved in the early 1970's to the exterior of the ride. At the same time, Park Management decided to change the ride's name to the House of Horrors.

The Viking would be removed from the ride all together in the early 1980's, supposedly after a series of strange accidents. No official reports of these incidents exist...

By the early 90's, many of the ride's original props had deteriorated or been removed. In 1995 at the Rocky Point Auction the House of Horrors was reportedly sold for $1500, however for some strange reason, none of the cars inside were removed. In October of 1996, the House of Horrors would be revived, as Rocky Point was turned into a Halloween Haunt called Halloweenland, making it the last ride to ever operate at Rocky Point.


As time passed the cars remained inside. Beginning in 2008,  demolition of the remaining structures began. Some of the cars went missing and others were salvaged by the City of Warwick and the DEM for potential restoration and use for a future museum.


The Viking has never been located.

 Photo Credits: Joe Nisil, Mark Thompson, Lost Midway

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