Rocky Point Amusement Park located in Warwick, Rhode Island was once known as the Playground of New England for over 150 years. Closed in 1995 and abandoned for years, Rocky Point turned into an eerie shell of its former self. Now comic book artist and writer Jason Mayoh brings it back to life in Tales of Rocky Point Park - Volume 1. This graphic novel chronicles the strange history of Rocky Point and the alleged curse that plagued the park since its inception in 1847. The book chronicles the strange accidents, mysterious fires and bizzare urban legends that revolved around some of Rocky Point's most classic rides including the House of Horrors, the Skyliner and the Flume. Along with the Tales From the Crypt inspired comic book stories, the book also features numerous never before published Rocky Point postcards, photos, personal memories, evidence and collectibles. Explore the myths and urban legends that came out of RI's once glorious amusement park.

Tales of Rocky Point Park Graphic Novel