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Install Date: 1963




Installed in the early 60's the Skyliner was considered a relaxing alternative to the Park's more hair raisng rides. Similar to a Ski Lift, the ride carried passengers from one side of the park to the other. The ride's turnaround point was located in a deep secluded wooded area on top of a series of dangerously steep cliffs. This section of the ride was the site of one of the Park's most tragic accidents. In 1970, a park maintenance was killed while attempting to repair the rotating wheel at the turnaround. 


Urban legends say that kids would jump off at the top and some would meet up in the Cave, an early attraction from the early days of the Park. Several reports of these incidents have been confirmed.


The towers still stand today.


Fatal Accident 9-8-1970


Jump accident 2 – Aug 18 1975

Jump accident June 7 1994

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